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Prepare for Care: Rehabilitating from Stroke

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Rehabilitation from Stroke The rehabilitation process after a stroke is as unique as the person who experienced the stroke. Everyone reacts so differently depending on what part of the brain was injured, so the rehabbing has to be contoured to fit each individual person. For the most part, rehabilitation after stroke is about your loved […]

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Showers Everyone Can Use!

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Mobility doesn’t stop and start at your front door. Making your home accessible is as important as public places being more accessible.  Did you know you can transform your old bathroom into a oasis for everyone in your home, no matter their mobility challenges? Although some modifications are more expensive than others, there are always […]


Managing Pain from Parkinson’s Disease with Massage

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Muscle, nerve and even bone pain is often a symptom of Parkinson’s Disease. This pain can keep your loved one up at night or keep him/her from resting when needed. Soothing your loved one’s pain, or your own, can often be challenging. You may not want to take pain medication, and even if you do – will […]

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Bariatric Surgery for Teens?

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There is a lot of talk about bariatric surgery for obese adults. And sometimes, it is the only way to lose weight so drastically it saves your life.  But does this need to happen with teens? Is this the new number one answer for teen weight-loss?  Is diet and exercise at for adolescents no longer […]


Dining Utensils Can Make Meal Time Better

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All dining utensils are not made equal. Basic utensils used everyday usually does the trick, but for your caree they may be extremely difficult to use.  If your loved one has shaky hands, a weighted dining utensil could be the answer to an easier meal-time. Often time weighted utensils look identical to traditional silverware, and […]


Transitioning A Loved One Into a Nursing Facility

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Reaching your capacity for meaningful, successful care for your loved one is a hard concept to grasp.  However, it is best for you, your family and your caree to acknowledge professional care at a facility will care more directly to your caree’s needs. Transitioning from at-home care to a nursing facility can be stressful and […]

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Wandering Episodes: Scary but Preventable

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Wandering Syndrome is very common among people with Alzheimer’s Disease.  According to an Everyday Health article, three out of five people with the disease will wander at least once. Wandering is extremely dangerous, even life threatening, and only four out of 100 wanderers return home without help. Keep an eye out for common hints that […]

Being Prepared for Hospital Visits

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No one likes them, but everyone should know how to be prepared for them. If you are a caregiving, then you are probably quite familiar with the concept of taking your loved one to hospital visits. Depending on your caree’s needs or health condition, leaving the house to see a healthcare professional can be a […]


Prepare for Care: Life After Stroke

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Even if your loved one has experienced a stroke, there is hope for life after stroke. It’s simply a matter of working with the involved healthcare professionals and your caree to find a plan that works best for them in their healing process. It’s crucial to understand that every person reacts differently and recovers differently. […]


Accessible Cabinets Make for a Happy Kitchen

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So much of a happy home revolves around the kitchen. Meals are made for families to enjoy together and that’s where people tend to congregate when they have a gathering. But enjoying that space can be difficult when it is not suited to your needs. The kitchen has so many components, but one important part […]