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Get Fit While Caregiving

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It’s tough to find time for yourself when you are a full-time caregiver, and when push comes to shove certain things seem to fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, exercise and fitness tend to be some of those things. You don’t have to sacrifice your health just because you don’t have a lot of spare time […]

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Is Arthritis Pain Keeping You Up at Night?

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Why is it that when your loved one goes to get some rest, their arthritis pain always seems to flare up? It’s not uncommon for arthritis sufferers to experience more pain in the evening when they are trying to sleep. If this is the case, there are little tricks that could help your loved one […]


Prepare for Care: Hip and Knee Surgery Tip Sheet

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You have enough to worry about after you or a loved one has gone through hip or knee surgery. That’s why our expert caregivers have done the work for you with Prepare for Care! You can print this hip and knee surgery tip sheet and have all you need to know right in your hand. […]


Sundowning Syndrome: Common affect of Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s disease can be unpredictable at times. If you are caring for a loved with dementia or Alzheimer’s then maybe you have noticed your caree exhibiting more symptoms in the evening. This is actually common and is often referred to as “Sundowning” or “Sundowner’s Syndrome.” You may notice that your loved one seems more confused, […]

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The Ins and Outs of Long Distance Caregiving

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Not everyone can be an at-home caregiver for their loved one. Long distance caregiving is a common and very involved form of care, but functions differently from the roll of an at-home caregiver. It requires organization and communication to work properly. If you are caring for a loved one from a distance you will need […]

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Ramp Up Your Home’s Accessibility

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Whether you are a new caregiver who needs their home to be more accessible for your loved one, or you and your family see the benefit of incorporating a ramp design into your home, knowing where to begin may be your biggest obstacle. Learning what type of ramp will suit your loved one, what material […]

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What Happens When Caregiving Gets Too Hard?

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It’s not a secret: Caregiving can be hard. Every caregiver is affected differently because every caree is different. You’ve done your caring research and now your a Caregiving Genius. But sometimes, no matter how much you love your caree, you hit your limit. It’s OK to borrow the ear of your most trusted friend or […]


Financial Elder Abuse: More Common Than You’d Think

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Elder abuse does not stop at physical blows, but includes financial ones as well. As NOLO broadly defines it, “financial elder abuse is when someone illegally or improperly uses a vulnerable senior’s money or other property.” Although most states now have laws to make this a crime, discovering the scammers is very difficult.  Often times […]


Aging in Place: What Does it Mean for the Caregiver?

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As American citizens grow older, the applications to nursing homes and assisted living homes grow as well. Surprisingly, research is also finding that more and more elderly request to stay at home as they age. Aging in place is a phenomenon for which the caregiver can be unprepared.  The first step is creating an environment for […]