Beat the Clock this Daylight Savings

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In preparation for daylight savings, we participated in our first ever #sleepchat on Twitter this past Friday and we learned A LOT.

Did you know that over 1/3 of American adults do not get enough sleep? Is anyone feeling like they are part of that statistic, today?

We have turned to an extra cup of coffee for the added energy this morning, but that may not be the best way to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Lack of sleep linked to weight gain, depression and the most extreme – early death.

So how do you beat the clock this daylight savings time? Here are 5 quick and easy suggestions that don’t include added caffeine:

  1. Go to bed 10-15 minutes earlier. At least until your mornings don’t leave you feeling like a Zombie from The Walking Dead.
  2. Keep your body aware of the sun. Let your body get used to the new schedule by quite literally showing it the sun’s pattern.
  3. Don’t force a new sleep pattern. Your body will adjust, let it do so on it’s own.  Going to bed when you aren’t sleepy will only increase the chance of insomnia and all that tags along with it.
  4. Exercise in the AM not the PM. Use the energy you get from exercising as a crutch to help you through the day. By exercising at night, you are giving yourself more energy at a time when you should be winding down.
  5. Turn off the TV and computer in the evening. Pick up a book, craft or magazine instead. It will help you turn off from the day and relax into a sleep pattern. The lack of “blue light” will help you fall asleep quicker and help to keep your slumber restful and productive.


Suggestions were taken from Time Magazine article: 5 Ways to Survive Daylight Savings Time