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Prepare for Care: Hip and Knee Surgery Recovery

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Preparing for Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery Care You already know why hip or knee surgery is necessary. You also know how common knee surgery and hip replacements are becoming and how often surgeons preform the procedure every day. But do you know about the recovery? Has your doctor explained what’s needed to safely travel […]

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Ouch! What’s that Morning Heel Pain?

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‘Tis the season for running and marathons! Caregivers need stress release, and a lot of us get it through running or walking. Now that the weather is starting to cooperate, for some of us, our feet are not. If you are a runner, or even just a regular walker, you should know what is causing […]


Prepare for Care: Parkinson’s Disease and its Symptoms

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Parkinson’s Disease There’s something to be said about having everything you need all in one place, especially when you are a caregiver looking for help. We want to provide you with the tools to feel confident when caring for your loved one. As a Parkinson’s care provider, we know you face a long road ahead. […]


Calendars: A Caregiver’s Best Friend

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We’ve talked about it before: an organized schedule for caregivers is extremely important.  Some people have an innate need and skill of being organized – others do not. Growing up, I tormented my parents with my lack of organization.  Whether it was the neatness of my room or the homework assignment I left at home […]

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Hospitalization May Cause Cognitive Decline in Seniors

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When we have to hospitalize our loved one, we do it with the intention of helping them to get healthier. But what if you found out that hospitalizing your parent or elder loved one could result in cognitive decline? A neurology study out of Chicago revealed unsettling results, showing that older patients who were hospitalized […]


Enjoying Spring with Arthritis

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There are no more excuses to hibernate. Spring is officially here and it’s time to be active! But if you or a loved one is experiencing troubles with arthritis, it may feel like a reason to stay inactive. There is too much spring-cleaning, gardening, and fun to be had to sit back and let your […]


Fight Allergies Naturally with These 5 Tricks

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Don’t Let This Year’s Pollen Spike Keep You Inside Finally, it’s here! Allergy season! Okay, fine. We can be more positive than that. It’s the first day of spring and we couldn’t be more excited, but our sinuses beg to differ. Don’t let the beautiful blooming flowers be something to sneeze at. Spring has sprung […]


Which Medical Alert Device is Right for Your Parent?

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By Guest Blogger Pam Niemi, Sales & Customer Care Manager at SilverPlus Ms. Niemi’s background includes over 16 years in the medical field and health care services.  In her current role at SilverPlus, she works directly with seniors, as well as with a number of home care organizations, residential retirement communities, and senior centers. No […]


Drinking Smart this St. Patrick’s Day

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Here in Boston, nearly 16% of the population is Irish.  On St. Patty’s Day – that statistic probably triples.  Everyone wants to be Irish for the day – or weekend. With so many Irish and “Irish” floating around our fair city this weekend, we assume green colored alcoholic drinks will be on everyone’s minds – regardless […]


Alzheimer’s Caregiver Facts and Figures

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As caregivers, we know the hardships that we may face. We see the struggles that our loved ones endure, continually bracing ourselves for what may come next. We hear the stories of other caregivers, and if we’re lucky, we have a tremendous support network to lean on when we need it most. But as caregivers, […]