Obesity Rate Declining in Americans

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Despite fast food chains on every corner, it looks like Americans are shifting their weight. A recent Gallup report has broken the good news that obesity is on the decline.

The decline is not drastic, but any improvements are a big step in the right direction for Americans. People know the negative affects of obesity on their health, but many are unaware of how such an overweight population can cost the country billions of dollars. This drop in overweight people could help restore the health of many and the America’s wallet.

An analysis done in December of 2010 estimated that the total cost of obesity in the United States could be as high as $270 billion due to obesity related health issues (As shown on Huffingtonpost.com).

There are several health conditions that can be brought on by obesity such as high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, gout, sleep apnea and more. Because of this, many people suffer with more than just their struggles with obesity, and getting better becomes a heightened challenge.

There are also many reasons why people gain weight. Consult your doctor if you feel as though you have gained too much weight and are developing any of these health conditions.