GPS Shoes for Alzheimer’s Patients Could Help Ease Caregiver’s Worry

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If you are a caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you most likely fear the day your loved one becomes lost to the disease. For some, that fear can become all too literal when they may wander away from safety.

Luckily, medical professionals and innovators have developed several devices to keep your loved one safe, eliminating the level of stress and fear that may occur from leaving them alone. Bedrooms can be equipped with motion alarms and door alarms to ensure your loved one does not wander at night. House alarms can be connected to a handheld device, allowing you to stay attune to when they leaves the house. Most recently, the ease and accuracy of GPS has been added to shoes. Now you’ll never have to worry about your loved one’s location without putting an obvious device around their neck or wrist.

GTX Corp has developed a $300 pair of shoes with a built in GPS device to help locate Alzheimer’s patients who wander off and lose their way (As reported on The risk of wandering is highest for those in the earlier stages of the disease. Loved ones are more apt to continue daily activities that bring them comfort, but often become disoriented.

The idea of a shoe with a tracking device could prove beneficial to seniors who tend to reject other forms of tracking devices that are more foreign to them. A pair of shoes is something familiar, regular and comfortable for them, making this a seamless transition for your loved one while reducing stress and fear for you.