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5 Ways to Make Halloween Healthier

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There’s a new trend on the block this Halloween and it could help fight childhood obesity. With nearly one in three children in the US being overweight or obese, we have to take the proper steps to help steer them towards a healthier lifestyle. It only makes sense to make that change on the holiday […]

Could Water Bottles Be Affecting Your Child’s Behavior?

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There is a new finding that says BPA could be affecting your child’s behavior. Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical found in several products including food and drink containers, could be related to behavioral and emotional troubles in young children. For several years, links to BPA and your health have been under close scrutiny. After a […]


Your Furry Friends Benefit Your Health, too!

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Recently, I have been trying to make a case to adopt a dog and extend my family of two to a family of three. I tried for months to down play the responsibility and added expense of caring for a pet, but none of it worked. My winning argument, surprisingly, was tied to the health […]


5 Different Types of Headaches: Which One do you Have?

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An aching cranium is not easy to ignore. Headaches can come on quickly, but if you can identify what type of headache you are suffering from, you may be one step closer to relief. Having a better understanding of the 5 different kinds of headaches will help you to treat your pain properly. Each headache […]


4 Factors that May Lead to a Salty Situation

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We reach for it before we are even sure we need it. It can lead to factors that increase the risk of heart attack or stroke, and as Americans, we find ourselves abusing it like a drug. It’s salt, and it’s one of our biggest weaknesses. Since there don’t seem to be quite enough sodium […]

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Pros and Cons of Choosing a Breast Cancer Clinical Trial

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Clinical trials can be a little intimidating. Some may feel helpless or unsure about partaking in something with so many unknowns. Advancements in breast cancer research lead to clinical trials that open doors to new worlds of treatment. These trials allow researchers to test new breast cancer treatments that are not yet offered to the general public. […]