Travel Tips for Loved Ones with Parkinson’s

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Modern travel is a funny thing. It’s easier than ever to plan a trip (via online booking) but there are more hurdles than ever (road construction, checkpoint security) to make it a reality. Traveling with a loved one suffering from Parkinson’s disease adds another level of complexity but is entirely manageable, even for a first-time caretaker. The [...]


Products for Progress: Cold Therapy Socks

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Did you know that April is National Foot Health Month? What a perfect time to present one of our most soothing foot care products! The Cold Therapy Socks are the perfect solution to the aches and pains that so many of us experience in our feet. Think of the amount of time that you spend [...]

Bathroom Safety for Parkinson’s Disease

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One of every three adults over the age 65 falls each year. Parkinson’s Disease, which typically strikes after the age of 60, doubles the risk of falling. Parkinson’s disease interferes with the nerve cells that make dopamine, a brain chemical necessary for controlling movement. Without enough dopamine, the body stiffens, posture sags, and overall movement [...]