Here are the basic do's and don'ts for caregivers for communicating with people with dementia.

Making Safety Adjustments Around the House

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When caring for a parent with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), it might be tempting to try to single out root causes for all that you see happening. However, because MS progression mimics the most obvious signs of aging — fatigue, memory loss, incontinence, muscle weakness — you’ll never fully know what’s causing each symptom. By accepting a certain [...]


Hot & Cold Comfort Wrap by Bed Buddy®

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This week, we are going to take a look at temperature therapy products. By popular demand, EasierLiving now carries a wide array of hot- and cold- therapy products. Our newest product addition, the Bed Buddy® Comfort Wrap, combines hot and cold relief all in one! The Bed Buddy® Comfort Wrap provides a natural way to [...]


Products for Progress: Cool Vests

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People living with Multiple Sclerosis often use cold therapy products to help limit their symptoms that are worsened from heat.  EasierLiving added GlacierTek RPCM® Cool Vests to our product line to help people who have to deal with heat-related flare ups from Multiple Sclerosis.  We chose to add this brand because it is the safest [...]