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Prepare for Care: Arthritis

Simplified Homecare Solutions for Arthritis Caregiving

Caring for family members with arthritis can be difficult. It is a painful condition that may seem debilitating. However, there are many ways and arthritis home health care products that can allow loved ones can cope with their arthritic symptoms, and finding the best combination of these methods is a matter of working together.

Understand the pain: 

Arthritis pain varies from person to person, and family members can assess which joints are affected and the degrees of pain in each area. The Arthritis Foundation pointed out that pain can be under-treated due to a number of factors, including preconceived notions, such as thinking that canes indicate weakness or believing that pain medication is unnecessary. 

Acknowledging the pain that family members experience and understanding that there are ways to work with it is the first step in caring for loved ones with arthritis. 

Know the effects:

The Arthritis Foundation stated that compensating for a painful joint can cause problems in other areas of the body. For example, favoring a knee can lead to issues in the hip. As such, caregivers and those they care for can work with physical therapists to figure out the best exercises that will allow them to address everyday tasks more easily. Furthermore, health care professionals can provide information regarding arthritis care products.

Maintain mental health:

Relaxation is an important part of caring for those with rheumatoid arthritis. Studies have shown that individuals who have depression have lower pain thresholds. Caregivers can provide the support that family members may need to be more at ease than if they were dealing with arthritis on their own. Taking up healthy and pain-reducing activities such as tai chi or yoga can develop a stronger bond between caregivers and those they care for, leading to happier and healthier people.

Use cold therapy:

Cryotherapy uses ice packs to help reduce the amount of pain that arthritics have in their joints. The cold decreases blood flow, thereby inhibiting the swelling of joints. Having plenty of ice packs at home can help ensure that family members are always able to deal with pain.

Ask for help:

If caregivers are unsure of which methods are available to their loved ones with arthritis, they can speak to physicians and support groups. There is always help available for caregivers and their family members.
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