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Fitness and Stretching Accessories

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Starting at: $34.95
Thera-Roll™ Textured Therapy Foam Roller, Soft
  • Textured, ribbed design to optimize muscle therapy

Starting at: $49.95
Thera-Roll™ Textured Therapy Foam Roller, Firm
  • Textured, ribbed design to optimize muscle therapy


Starting at: $30.00
Valeo Foam Exercise Mat
  • No-slip, double-sided exercise mat
  • Valeo mats have integrated self-strapping systems for easy transport and storage

Starting at: $29.99
ProStretch Products
The gentle rocking motion of Prostretch optimally positions your foot to target that core set of muscles and tendons associated with healthy walking. The real benefit is that special settings allow you to keep yourself from overdoing it, seriously reducing your risk of a pull or tear.
  • Optimally positions user to stretch gastroc-soleus musculature, plantar fascia, hamstring and anterior tibialis

Starting at: $14.00
Elastic Stretch Strap
  • Designed for "facilitated stretching"
  • Features elastic sections that allow user to ease into stretch

Starting at: $10.00
AgSilver™ CleanMat Yoga/Exercise Mat
Everyone has a yoga mat these days. Some even share… Yet yours — made of fibers impregnated with a patented ionic silver antimicrobial agent — will always be the cleanest around. The AgSilver™ CleanMat never weakens in its fight against odors, bacteria and fungus. Plus, it features a generous 72" x 24'' surface, with 2/10'' thickness.
  • Created with an antimicrobial agent that continuously fights odors, bacteria, fungus
  • Extra long and thick for a variety of workout needs
  • Two-sided, textured non-slip surface for safety and stability during exercise
  • Choose orange or raspberry

Starting at: $135.00
AIREX® Balance Beam
  • Uses “super soft” foam to create an exceptional balance training product
  • Great option for at-home rehabilitation

Starting at: $58.99
AIREX® Balance Pad
  • Combines both exercise and balance skills to increase strength
  • Stack two pads or use them on a mat to vary the challenge of the “wobble” effect

Starting at: $79.99
Airex® Balance Wedge XL
  • Made of ultra-soft foam that is ideal for balance, coordination, reaction and posture stability training

Starting at: $57.95
AliMed® Basic T-Foam™ Cushions
  • Exceptional lightweight pressure protection for wheelchair users
  • Stay comfortable no matter then length of time spent in a wheelchair
37 Matches found
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Page : 1 of 4   [ 1 2 3 4 ]

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