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Sometimes the best way to find a product you need is to search by the solution or how to make the caregiving task at hand a little Easier. The listing below will point you in the right direction.

At Home
First Aid

at home first aid

When caring for others be sure your home is extra prepared for pesky bumps and bruises, scrapes and scabs!
Shop At Home First Aid»

Bathroom Safety
and Hygiene

bathroom safety

Hold on to a sense of independence and dignity with these safety and hygiene products whether recovering from surgery or an injury, dealing with a health condition or simply just growing older.
Shop Bathroom Safety and Hygiene»

Bedroom Safety
and Comfort

bedroom safety

Our bedroom safety products, like bed rails and positioning cushions, can restore a sense of independence and safety whether asleep or awake.
Shop Bedroom Safety and Comfort»


caregiver education

Whether you are a new caregiver or an experienced one, don’t underestimate the support that good information can provide. These educational tools will help you every step of the way.
Shop Caregiver Education»


dining tools

Give loved ones the gift of mealtime independence with our variety of adaptive eating and drinking aids for many different health conditions.
Shop Dining Tools»


disaster preparedness

The unpredictability of weather conditions may be on the rise, but we have the tools you need to stay prepared for many unexpected natural events.
Shop Disaster Preparedness»


dressing assistance

These dressing aids are designed to increase independence and reduce the coordination and reach required to put on and take off shoes and clothing.
Shop Dressing Assistance»


fall management

Our selection of door alarms, visual signals, protective clothing and reachers and grabbers can help prevent painful falls and wandering episodes, and minimize risks when incidents do occur.
Shop Fall Management»


fitness equipment

We've got fitness products that are easy to use, set-up and store whether at your home or the home of a loved one – and will help you build the strength you need to take care of what really matters – whether recovering or caregiving.
Shop Fitness Equipment»

Food Preparation
and Nutrition

food preparation

Look here for adaptive food preparation tools as wells as prepackaged foods and cookbooks written for caregivers.
Shop Food Preparation and Nutrition»


home office

Working at home may be a choice or a requirement for you – particularly while recuperating in your home or caring for loved ones in theirs. Our ergonomic keyboards, iPad stands, mats and back supports are just what you need to create a home workspace that works for you.
Shop Home Office»


household safety

Safety accessories in the home, and small touches like cushions for wall and sink corners or stop signs on doors, can make a big difference in removing potential hazards for loved ones.
Shop Household Safety»


mobility aids

Keep your loved one moving. Browse our wheelchairs, quad canes, rollators and walkers to find the best way to get around. Our selection is particularly well suited for use in most home environments.
Shop Mobility Aids»


foot care

Our selection of foot care products include splints, insoles, braces and supports to help stabilize injured feet and ankles, relieve pain and speed recovery from most injuries.
Shop Foot Care»


orthopedic supplies

Relieve pressure from injured, overused or rehabilitated joints by choosing among our wide selection of braces and supports for knees, elbows, shoulders and wrists.
Shop Orthopedic Supports»

Prevent Caregiver Burnout

Prevent Caregiver Burnout

Caregiving is often a full time job. Getting sick or ignoring stress is not a healthy coping mechanism. These various products can help you relax and stay healthy.
Shop Prevent Caregiver Burnout»

Reachers and

reachers and grabbers

Reaching for personal items at home while weak or unstable can present a serious fall danger. Our assortment of reachers and grabbers will allow love ones to pick up what they need with less risk of injury.
Shop Reachers and Grabbers»

The EasierLiving Promise: Simplified Homecare provides multiple ways for you to find the right medical products for your home. Shop for products by health condition, where you will find products that are designed for Alzheimer's & Dementia Care, Autism Care, Arthritis Care, Hip & Knee Surgery Rehabilitation, Obesity & Bariatric Surgery Rehabillitation, Parkinson's Disease Care, Plantar Fasciitis Care and Stroke Aftercare.

You can also shop for products by body part, where you can get orthotics and medical products to address Ankle, Back, Elbow, Finger & Thumb, Foot, Hand & Wrist, Heel, Knee, Leg, Neck and Shoulder pain.

Helpful Tips for Caregivers

The Caregiver Blog is a forum to learn from or share tips with community of others who care for loved ones at home. We also share info on a many products to help caregivers care for themselves and take just a bit of the edge off in the process.


We Make Finding The Right Homecare Products Easier!  

Our home health product experts carefully selected each item to help you sort through the clutter.  And our many ways to browse the site will help you find what you need the way you most want to find it.

Shop by Health Condition for assistive and therapeutic products geared toward a specific health condition or illness. Our caregiving experts carefully chose each product.

Shop All Products to find our entire product catalog in clearly defined categories arranged by how you use them.

Shop by Body Part to find products organized by the specific area of the body for which they help – from head to toe.

Shop by Brand to find trusted name brands and familiar products that you know and love.

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