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We Make Finding The Right Homecare Products Easier!  

Our home health product experts carefully selected each item to help you sort through the clutter.  And our many ways to browse the site will help you find what you need the way you most want to find it.

Shop by Health Condition for assistive and therapeutic products geared toward a specific health condition or illness. Our caregiving experts carefully chose each product.

Shop All Products to find our entire product catalog in clearly defined categories arranged by how you use them.

Shop by Body Part to find products organized by the specific area of the body for which they help – from head to toe.

Shop by Brand to find trusted name brands and familiar products that you know and love.

» Shop by Body Part

When you or a loved one’s in pain, its all about where it hurts – and what you can do to stop it. When you shop by any part of the body on EasierLiving, we’ll help you hone in on what might help most -- whether a therapeutic, supportive or immobilizing solution that can help alleviate your pain.


These products are designed to stabilize ankle injuries and alleviate inflammation and the resulting pain.

»Shop Ankle Products


Our therapeutic elbow products are specifically designed to address elbow rotation issues, reduce elbow inflammation and relieve elbow stress conditions.

»Shop Elbow Products


These products address the many complex joint, nerve stability and inflammation conditions of the foot, and get you back on your feet in no time.

»Shop Foot Products


Heel pain, particularly plantar fasciitis often requires very specific intervention.  Some of our most popular specialized products show clinically proven results.

»Shop Heel Products


Here you can find the right product to keep legs elevated, compressed or immobilized so you can alleviate pain and recover.

»Shop Leg Products


These products reduce shoulder pain and stabilize shoulders.

»Shop Shoulder Products




See our variety of products to help treat back pain and discomfort caused by injury or many different health conditions.

»Shop Back Products

Finger and Thumb

These products will help ease pain and speed recovery on fingers and thumbs.

»Shop Finger and Thumb Products

Hand and Wrist

Whether support, rehabilitating or healing, these products will help your hands and wrists so you can get back to your daily routine faster.

»Shop Hand and Wrist Products


Walking, running, jumping, sitting, climbing - all done with the help of your knees!

»Shop Knee Products


Your neck holds one of the most important organs! You've got to take care of it!

»Shop Neck Products


It's one of the most fragile parts of your body; here you will find what you need to keep it compressed, clean and visible to you.

»Shop Skin Products

The EasierLiving Promise: Simplified Homecare provides multiple ways for you to find the right medical products for your home. Shop for products by health condition, where you will find products that are designed for Alzheimer's & Dementia Care, Autism Care, Arthritis Care, Hip & Knee Surgery Rehabilitation, Obesity & Bariatric Surgery Rehabillitation, Parkinson's Disease Care, Plantar Fasciitis Care and Stroke Aftercare.

You can also shop for products by body part, where you can get orthotics and medical products to address Ankle, Back, Elbow, Finger & Thumb, Foot, Hand & Wrist, Heel, Knee, Leg, Neck and Shoulder pain.

Helpful Tips for Caregivers
The Caregiver Blog is a forum to learn from or share tips with community of others who care for loved ones at home. We also share info on a many products to help caregivers care for themselves and take just a bit of the edge off in the process.

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ALS Products Alzheimer's & Dementia Products Arthritis Products Autism Products Back Pain Products Carpal Tunnel Products Hip & Knee Surgery Recovery Products Incontinence Products Obesity Products Parkinson's Products Plantar Fasciitis Products Stroke Products Multiple Sclerosis Products Prepare for Care Heart Health Products Diabetes Products

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3pp® MagnaReady® AliMed® Bauerfeind Cando® Carex® CHO-PAT® DARCO® Drive Medical FREEDOM® Hapad Invacare™ McDavid® Moen MTS Medical Supply Mueller® OBUS Forme® Omron® Pedifix® Plantronics® Posey® Redware Silipos® SKIL-CARE™ Spenco® Standers Swede-O™ Thera-Band® TheraRoll™ Toilevator® VersaTech™